About Our Brands

Green Cosmetics AE was founded by young and ambitious cadres to become one of the most leading companies in the field of organic products and one of the most important companies in the cosmetics industry. Eager to provide organic, Eco-friendly natural products.

All our brand's factories (EO Laboratorie), (SmoRodina), (SPASTA) and (SwissDent) has established new standards for organic and natural cosmetics and personal care products through a group of experts with high efficiency, that share the values and objectives of the sublime, motivated by faith and challenges to provide a unique experience to our customers. Built on the basis of science and benefit to humans and the environment together.


EO LABORATORIE brand cosmetics are created on the basis of natural and organic ingredients using the latest technologies.
​The world is changing. Today, beauty requires not sacrifice, but a reasonable, scientific approach. The alliance of nature and science allows us to preserve the best in cosmetology and enrich formulations with natural and organic oils and extracts. The formulas created by our company have been developed and tested for more than one year. Now you can enjoy natural and highly effective products. Our cosmetics are created on the basis of natural and organic ingredients using the latest technologies.
​We offer a full range of hair, face, and body care products with a high content of natural ingredients!



SmoRodina Brand is a natural cosmetics in the South Urals, from Magnitogorsk. Where, people are especially in dire need of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and natural cosmetics are the contribution that they made to the health of the inhabitants of their city, country and planet as a whole. They carefully select ingredients, test formulations, and respect the environment by choosing recyclable packaging for their products.



SPASTA is more than just oral hygiene. This is a pleasure: juicy aromas, bright stylish packaging, a pleasant taste while brushing your teeth, a long-lasting effect of freshness and cleanliness.


SwissDent is an international company based in Zurich, which was founded in 2006 by the Swiss dentist Dr. medical dent. Vaclav Velkoborsky was founded. 
The unique SwissDent products recipe has been patented and ensures gentle whitening and effective cleaning of the teeth.