Ultimate Cleansing: What Are Enzymes and Why You Need Them

Ultimate Cleansing: What Are Enzymes and Why You Need Them

The word "enzymes" is increasingly appearing on cosmetics bottles - it can be masks, cleansers or peels. And we have a whole enzyme system. Let's figure out why it is needed, and what it is eaten with.


What are enzymes


Enzymes are also called enzymes - these are complex protein compounds that speed up chemical processes. They are in all living cells - in our body, in nature, everywhere. Enzymes are simple and complex, they are always in our body, but stress, bad habits or illness can greatly reduce their number. 

In addition, the number of enzymes decreases elementarily with age - the skin cleans itself worse and accumulates pollution - this is dust from the street, and sebum, in general, everything that needs to be regularly cleaned and exfoliated.

Therefore, enzymes can be "get" - and food, and cosmetics, and pharmacology - but for this you first need to go to the doctor and pass the necessary tests.

Luckily, many delicious foods contain a lot of enzymes. For example, these are pineapple, papaya, mango, honey, avocado and coconut oil. But you can’t eat all this for the future - the body will take exactly as much as it needs. The resulting enzymes may not reach the skin, so we get them in cosmetics.


Why are enzymes needed in cosmetics?


Enzymes are responsible for metabolism and regeneration, so it is logical that they are most often used in cleansing products. Enzymatic peels exfoliate the skin as gently as possible and at the same time cleanse it of dead skin cells. 

A huge plus of such funds is hypoallergenicity and a minimum level of irritation. They are super soft and suitable for both dry and breakout prone skin. As part of such funds, usually the same papaya or pineapple, but they are called differently. Among the natural enzymes in the composition, you can look for papain (papaya), bromelain (pineapple), lipase (cereals, legumes, algae). Let's take a closer look at their effect on our products.


SmoRodina Deep Cleansing System


Our enzyme complex consists of two products:  powder  and  mask . The composition of both products is based on mild enzymes from extracts of papaya and pineapple, as well as components for skin protection: rice powder, sorbitol, maltodextrim.

Our complex:

— evens out the relief of the skin;

- maintains the ph level;

— removes dead skin cells without strong mechanical impact;

- reduces pigmentation, evens out post-acne and skin relief;

- tightens pores, dissolves comedones and removes blackheads.

Let's start our acquaintance with  enzyme powder for washing .

Its main difference from a girlfriend, an enzyme mask, is that this product is ideal for daily cleansing of the skin, because the skin will not be subjected to mechanical stress. The powder is suitable for both sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Easy to use - apply a little powder to damp skin to form a light lather. Massage your face and wash off the remnants of the product!

Powder calmly washes off makeup and foundation, so you do not need to combine it with other cleansers. You will instantly feel how your skin is cleansed and as if breathing, it will become soft and tender to the touch. And this is just the beginning, because we also have an enzyme mask! 

The mask  is a powerful tool for deeper cleansing. It will act especially effectively, because you apply it to the skin that has been previously cleansed with powder.

Already well-known enzymes from papaya and pineapple extracts will enter the skin without obstacles, so the result will not be long in coming.

The mask perfectly cleanses and tightens pores, evens out complexion, refreshes the skin and has a prophylactic effect against acne and comedones. The basis of the mask is white clay. It has a great antioxidant effect. For daily use, the mask is not suitable, but 1-2 times a week can be your best friend in effectively clearing the skin.

The product is also applied to wet skin in a dense layer and washed off after 10-15 minutes!

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