TOP 10 best beauty products for oily skin

TOP 10 best beauty products for oily skin

In this article, we will cement your friendship with your own oily skin with our top beauty products for comprehensive care.


Hydrophilic oil “Calendula”



We believe oil dissolves oil! And for good reason - the formula of the product not only gently removes makeup (and even persistent BB creams), but also dissolves excess fat on the surface of the skin. A sebum-regulating extract of calendula flowers normalizes the sebaceous glands, soothes inflammation and makes it more matte. 




Hydrosol mix for problem skin

Hydrosol mix with extracts of hyssop and calendula is a real natural beauty elixir.

The product perfectly regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, fights acne, heals irritations and redness, moisturizes, evens out complexion, and saturates with vitamins and microelements.

Plus, in the summer you can take it with you and spray it on your face to moisturize.


Basic care

Serums  Vitamin  and  Hyaluronic




Vitamin contains the active ingredient Aquaxyl, which prevents transepidermal moisture loss from the skin, and orange hydrolate, which refreshes the skin and restores its radiance.

For a fatty type of serum, it is not necessary to “lock” inside the skin - the sebaceous secret will act as an excellent occlusive!


Anti Acne Cream


Three - how we love this number! After all, this wonderful cream copes with so many problems of oily skin - seboregulation, fight against rashes, restoration of hydro-lipid balance.

The zinc salt of pyrolidone-carboxylic acid normalizes the process, reduces the amount of sebum, reduces inflammation and infection of the sebaceous glands. 

The complex of glycosphingolipids moisturizes the skin, restores its barrier functions, improves the synthesis of its own ceramides.

And hemp oil saturates it with fatty acids and minimizes moisture loss.


Additional care products 

Enzyme Face Cleanser


The unequivocal choice of beauty gloss editors! Experts from Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and other magazines have already appreciated the soft and deep care with this miracle remedy.
Natural papaya and pineapple enzymes help to remove dry dead cells, so that the skin is renewed and begins to breathe. A soft foam, into which the powder turns when in contact with water, cleanses the pores, dissolves comedones and dead cells, improves the penetration and absorption of the beneficial components of the product. 

And most importantly, it does not dry or tighten the skin after washing.


Enzyme Face Mask



Just 10-15 minutes, and your skin is even, matte - the dream of any beauty photographer!

And the thing is that the enzyme mask loosens dead skin cells with the help of pineapple and papaya enzymes. High quality white clay draws out toxins from the skin, and enzymes break down protein bonds inside dead skin cells, thereby accelerating its exfoliation and renewal. 


Enzyme system will be an excellent SPA ritual, which is pleasant to perform 1-2 times a week. 
Alginate anti-inflammatory mask Anti-acne

And again the tea tree - you say. It seems that all bloggers and the media have already talked about the wonderful properties of this plant. 

But they didn't say the main thing! The tea tree works most effectively under an alginate mask.

After its application, a dense film is formed on the face, under which the effect of occlusion (bath) is created. The skin is steamed, and the beneficial substances from the tea tree extract penetrate much deeper into the skin, soothing and healing inflammation. Already after the first procedure, the mask noticeably normalizes sebum regulation, smoothes the skin, makes it moisturized and velvety. 

 Mattifying alginate mask MATTIFYING


If the Anti-Acne mask actively fights inflammation and soothes the skin, the mattifying mask has a noticeable aesthetic effect. Thanks to the generous content of sea pearl powder in the mask, the product visibly tightens pores and evens out tone, absorbs oily shine, and makes the skin matte and fresh. 

The mask perfectly fights puffiness and inflammation, tightens the oval of the face, promotes skin regeneration. 



In order for the course of alginate masks to bring the promised result, it is important to do the procedures every day (or with an interval of 1-3 days), so that a total of 6-9 applications are obtained. 
Remember - the course will be effective if the skin always has the same level of concentration of active substances. Therefore, try not to miss the day of the new procedure!

Scrub-peeling for the face with fruit enzymes Facial Exfoliant

Scrub-mask for problem skin Facial Polish



Oily skin, like any other skin requiring special care, needs gentle exfoliation.

Our Facial Exfoliant scrub-peeling for Facial Polish scrub-mask will help to maintain the integrity of the hydro-lipid layer and gently cleanse.

Fruit enzymes (papain) are responsible for delicate exfoliation in scrub-peeling. They destroy some types of intercellular bonds, thereby facilitating exfoliation and dissolving protein bonds between keratinized skin particles. After the enzymes have carried out the main skin cleansing procedure, small scrubbing particles (clay, mineral complex, rice powder) will finish it, finally freeing the skin of the remaining pollution. 

Scrub-mask for problem skin is perfect for a point solution to the problem of inflammation! It consists of blue clay, sulfur, zinc oxide, lithotamnia calcareum powder, spirulina, kelp.  

It is thanks to them that the scrub gently and effectively exfoliates and cleanses the pores of impurities, removes toxins and toxins, promotes the healing of inflammation and prevents the appearance of new ones.

Thanks to spirulina, kelp and yeast hydrolysate, the product has an antioxidant effect and promotes skin detox.



When applying, try to avoid open inflammations (pimples and comedones)

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