Sultry makeup bag: how to take care of yourself in the summer

Sultry makeup bag: how to take care of yourself in the summer

Summer is a great time for prosecco on the veranda, dates, vacations and happiness. We assure you that if you do not forget about the necessary care, the level of oxytocin in the blood will increase even more! 

In the hot sun or under office air conditioning (especially if you combine both during the day), your skin needs active hydration from the inside and out. 


Catch the top 5 tips to maintain the hydro-lipid balance of the skin!

Be sure to drink water! We start the morning with a glass on an empty stomach and drink slowly throughout the day. With this regular practice, you will begin to feel better and your skin will thank you for toning it up.



Choose care according to your skin type - any SmoRodina cream has a light enough texture so that you do not feel overwhelmed. The most versatile option is the Moisturizing moisturizer , which works great for dry, combination, and dehydrated oily skin. Phytosterols of Abyssinian mustard are responsible for this, and musa oil from the peel and pulp of bananas will take care of nutrition (not in the literal sense :)) and reduce age spots. The cream not only instantly makes your skin soft, but also has a cumulative effect, we tested it!


Need extra hydration throughout the day? Grab onto your desk or toss into your bag . It's the most versatile thing ever! You can apply hydrolat under cream, squirt it throughout the day, spray it on your hair - in general, do what you want, the main thing is to enjoy it. And lavender and rose will cheer you up and work like aromatherapy.



After hydrolat under the cream, you can apply SmoRodina vitamin serum . Firstly, it is a citrus charge from the very morning. Secondly, it is a vitamin cocktail that is needed to give the skin a natural glow and hydration. The blush becomes brighter, the elasticity of the skin is better, and there is no stickiness at all - the serum is absorbed instantly, and the cream can be applied immediately.

We have more or less figured out the face, but what if the body urgently needs to freshen up? Of course, take a bath with our “Inhale” scrub with mint and kelp . Freshness is guaranteed, cheerfulness and good mood too. And the skin after it is so tender that it just asks for a silk dress, which needs to be taken out urgently!


Are you going on vacation and have already exceeded the limit on liquids in hand luggage? SmoRodina has a solid shampoo and conditioner solution . They do not contain sulfates, but at the same time they lather well, and you will not feel like you have not washed your hair. It contains many innovative assets that will give your hair a summer elegant shine without the effect of weighting.

Do you think we forgot to put something in our summer makeup bag? What SmoRodina products could you not live without?

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