SPA evening for two and massage candles SmoRodina

SPA evening for two and massage candles SmoRodina

A romantic candlelight dinner is not the only way to please yourself and your man and have a good time together on Valentine's Day or February 23rd. We have a more interesting and original scenario - a relaxing SPA evening. 

To create a romantic mood, light interior candles, turn on your favorite music and take a bath together. And to set a special tone and add spice to the evening, light a massage candle. 

A small light, sparkling in the twilight, relieves stress and immerses you in a cozy atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, turning into oil. And you can get even more pleasure, knowing that it consists of 100% natural ingredients.

This candle is based on natural soy wax and coconut wax, which have a low melting point. It's impossible to get burned! Unlike a conventional massage candle, it turns into a warm mixture of caring oils that can and should be applied to the body. Infused with shea butter and essential oils, this candle will give your skin what it needs. 

For a romantic evening, we recommend trying the "GEORGIA" candle for relaxing men and "JAPAN" with the scent of cherry blossoms for women, which are natural aphrodisiacs.

Essential oils have long been known for their unique properties that help to relax, relieve tension, or vice versa to tone up. Reflexively, aromatic oils have an effect on receptors that are responsible for certain parts of the brain. Thus, some fragrances can increase blood circulation, calm the nervous system, or increase libido.


A mixture of essential oils of bergamot, orange and patchouli in the candle "Georgia" helps to relax, feel calm and gently uplifting. Aromas of bergamot and patchouli awaken sensuality, tenderness, increase libido.



Notes of jasmine, orange, neroli in the candle "Japan" help to awaken the feminine, relax, fill with softness and tranquility. Neroli essential oil - a symbol of passion, excitement, sensuality, is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs for her, helps to relax and awaken gentle, romantic impulses. 


Sensual massage combined with aromatherapy will help not only relieve tension, but also increase attraction to each other. 




Light the fuse, let the warm scent drift into the air, dim the lights, and make touch one of the main feelings of your journey.


Let the wax melt, then use warm oil to gently work on the skin: first, apply it to your palm, rub and run over the body of your partner, transferring heat to him. 


Run your palms and fingers over your body. There are many nerve endings on the skin, so a change in temperature and warm oil on your hands will take the sensations to a new level, bring you closer and create a special atmosphere.


A soft radiance, a scent that excites the blood, slowly dripping oil, unhurried, smooth movements ... 


Any massage candle from SmoRodina from the “Aromatherapy” line is suitable for a SPA ritual. They are composed of essential oils, have an aromatherapeutic effect and give a completely new sensation, helping to enjoy the depth and atmosphere of the massage.


An important difference between candles for aroma massage and interior candles of the “Selective” series. Interior candles do not contain essential oils. To create an aroma, they use special perfumed fragrances that do not burn out, but allow you to fill the room with aroma. 

Aroma massage candles contain light volatile essential oils that create a subtle aroma when applied to the body, are safe and have an aromatherapeutic effect (it is unlikely that you will be able to fill the interior with aroma using massage candles).


The “Selective” line includes interior soy wax candles that do not emit harmful substances when burned, but are completely unsuitable for application to the skin. There are no caring and essential oils in their composition, and the fragrances were created by us together with a skilled perfumer. 


Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy! 

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