Parting without pain: how to do hair removal at home

Parting without pain: how to do hair removal at home

Let's say right away - the razor is definitely not in our favorites. After it, new hairs appear almost the next day, the result is zero, and there are a lot of troubles from the machine. In addition, the machines are made of plastic, which is completely unenvironmental!

Therefore, of course, our advice is to choose sugar sugaring.

General Tips

If the hair is hard, and you came to sugaring after a regular razor, then it costs about 5-7 mm to grow. If you already do sugaring on a regular basis, then the procedure can be carried out at a length of 2-5 mm, see how you feel.

You don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs - from shugaring, hair grows much less. Additionally, you can help yourself a little with regular scrubbing and moisturizing. Scrub use about 2-3 times a week, after - a moisturizer or hydrolat. And it will be much easier to remove hairs already at first.

Will it hurt? I agree, this question should have been put at the very beginning of the article) 

When you get used to it and depilate all areas with only sugar, you will get used to it. In addition, the idea that unwanted hairs will appear only after 3-4 weeks is extremely warm!

And no matter what anyone says about wax, it is much more painful than sugar.

Wax is pulled along the length of the hair, and not from the root, and removed against growth - the follicles are deformed and the sensations are very painful. With sugaring, the hair is removed according to its growth, and they are not torn out, but, as it were, stretched out. 

Brief instruction


For sugaring at home, you will need our  universal set with sugar paste , spatula and strips - they are reusable and the remaining paste can be easily washed off with warm water.

For large areas, we recommend heating the pasta - this will help to save twice the consumption. 

Place the aluminum can of pasta in a bowl of hot water for 5-10 minutes. It should become more flexible and easier to apply to large areas (arms, legs, etc.).

The skin before the procedure should be dry and clean. For a deep bikini and underarms, you can use talcum powder or baby powder - they will collect excess moisture.

We have already prepared a small instruction for you (exactly the same one will be waiting for you in the kit itself)

Hands and face

On the arms, hair can grow in different directions, and down, and sideways, and in both directions, watch this. To epilate the lips, you need to pull the upper lip over the teeth and, in the same stretched position, pull the napkin down.


For this zone, the paste can not be heated, but we advise you to sprinkle it with talc. Keep in mind that on the armpits, hair usually grows up on one half and down on the other. Check in the mirror to see if the hairs are moving in the opposite direction - or ask a friend.


Here the hairs also grow in two or three directions. When depilating the bikini area, pay special attention to the tension. It is better to work on the deep zone while standing: lift your leg, as if you are standing on a high step, and stretch the skin properly. If not, it is better to work in small areas. Yes, it will take longer, but you won't bruise yourself.

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