How to achieve a salon effect on hair at home

How to achieve a salon effect on hair at home

Hair care procedures in a trichology center or in a beauty salon with a master are very expensive, and this is not always possible and affordable, but you can use all the same steps and tools at home and get pronounced results. 

How to achieve a salon effect on hair at home, Maria Nevskaya, trichologist, cosmetologist, invited expert of the eco-brand of natural cosmetics SmoRodina, told.


Beauty Formula

Hair care, as well as face and body care, involves two important components - daily home care and intensive care in the form of procedures that you can do with a specialist or do at home yourself. 

Intensive hair care at home can be done in the format of a SPA procedure, it will differ from the usual care procedure in a SPA atmosphere (elements of aromatherapy, an element of harmonizing music).


Hair care steps “fresh from the salon”

 Now let's move on to the hair care steps. Conventionally, they can be divided into two categories - scalp care (slowing down hair loss, stimulating hair growth, deep cleansing procedures, moisturizing and regenerating procedures) and hair care directly (nourishing, smoothing, restoring). 

Scalp care and revitalization of the hair follicles begins with cleansing with the right shampoo for your hair type. The goal is to remove impurities from the surface of the skin (exogenous - pollution and endogenous - sebaceous secretion), and increase the susceptibility of the skin to subsequent stages.

As a result, the skin becomes clean, there is a feeling of freshness. 

The second stage of cleansing is exfoliation. To activate microcirculation, cellular respiration and increase the susceptibility of the skin to subsequent stages of care, it is important to remove the accumulation of horny cells. 

A scrub or deep cleansing mask for the scalp is well suited for this stage. 

Next, to activate microcirculation, prepare the scalp for the application of active products, give yourself a small manual massage of the scalp with oils. It only takes 3-5 minutes. 

Massage normalizes metabolic processes in tissues and cells and activates lymphatic drainage. 

We pass to the main stage of care, intensive impact on the problem. For example, against hair loss, to increase volume, to stimulate growth, against dandruff, to moisturize the skin.

Properly selected oil, vegetable and creamy masks will help deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to the skin and get an express effect. They also slow down hair loss, stimulate hair growth, reduce sensitivity, and help increase hair volume.

Usually such maxi is used 2 times a week for 2 hours. 

As the final step in scalp care, we enhance and prolong the results of the procedures. Final remedies can be tonics and lotions. 

Again, it all depends on the purpose of care.


Shining curls

If your goal is to give your hair shine and smoothness, I suggest the following course of action. 

The first stage is a deep cleansing with a scrub or deep cleansing mask.

Or a simple cleansing. But with a hair shampoo! For example, for volume, for curly, for thin, for damaged, restoring, for shine.

We pass to the main stage, intensive impact. A hair mask for 20-30 minutes is well suited here. Choose for tasks. For example, regenerating, smoothing, for volume (proteins and lipids) smoothes, fills voids, thickens, makes smooth, silky, removes static electricity.

After you can apply conditioner or hair balm.

I propose to complete the care by applying a choice of spray on the scalp or other indelible care along the length. You can also apply nourishing oil to the tips. 


Thus, hair care procedures include 2 different processes, some of the stages are aimed at working with the hair follicle and maintaining hair volume, some of the stages are aimed at the shaft and its restoration, that is, working with a beautiful and healthy hair structure along the length.

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