How can everyone reduce their carbon footprint?

How can everyone reduce their carbon footprint?

The average temperature around the globe is rising, and this is mainly due to the human factor. Its gradual increase on the planet is called global warming. Most climate scientists argue that the cause is an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They get there due to human activities and are called the carbon footprint. Any product or service has it: both a T-shirt and an air ticket. Therefore, reducing the personal carbon footprint is an action that helps slow down global warming.

As a responsible eco-brand focused on caring for the environment and the planet, we at SmoRodina have set ourselves the goal of minimizing the burden on the planet as much as possible and minimizing the negative consequences of using our products. 


Our team has put together some simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint. Try applying these ideas to your life:

1. Use blinds and curtains effectively.

Turn off the air conditioner and use blinds instead. When it's cold outside, keep the curtains open during the daytime to let in sunlight and warmth, naturally warming the room. When it's hot, keep them closed to keep the room cool without turning on the air conditioner. You will probably also save on your electricity bill.

2. Switch to electronic checks instead of paper ones.

By receiving receipts by email, we help reduce waste and save trees. In addition to the fact that the creation of paper releases nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this also leads to the disappearance of forests. This is important when it comes to climate change because trees absorb carbon and help balance atmospheric gases.

3. Start sorting waste at home.

Today, in almost all cities of Russia, plastic, paper, metal and glass can be recycled. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to properly and easily sort waste.

Get the kids involved. Tell them what to throw in the bin and what to recycle. It is very important to educate children in conscious consumption, sorting culture and respect for nature! 

4. Plan ahead for your purchases.

Make a menu for the week to roughly represent how much food you need. Then, before going to the store, check the refrigerator so that you don’t mistakenly buy too much. And one more thing: do not go to the supermarket hungry. Periodically review shelves and cabinets and don't stock too much. Reducing food waste is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, you save money!

5. Collect batteries and light bulbs separately.

Collect used batteries and light bulbs separately and hand them over to specialized collection points. It is strictly forbidden to throw them into the general trash can! The point is toxic substances inside the batteries. Once in a general garbage dump, they release a large amount of hazardous elements into the ground and wastewater, such as nickel, lead, cadmium, mercury and others.

6. Get eco-friendly habits:



  • Refuse plastic bags at the checkout, and instead get a fabric shopper bag, string bag or backpack;


  • Instead of disposable cups, use a reusable mug. And replace plastic straws with a long-lasting alternative;


  • Turn off electrical appliances from the network when not in use;


  • Save water - turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth

7. Buy brands that are involved in environmental projects and care about the environment.

Whenever you buy something new, look for brands that are trying to make our planet a little cleaner. Whose teams are constantly looking for environmentally friendly solutions and innovative technologies and help create products with care for nature.


At SmoRodina, we are working to eliminate as much plastic as possible from our product packaging and retail order picking. We treat the world with love and do not want our packaging to become garbage, decompose into microplastics. Therefore, we do everything to minimize our carbon footprint.

For more than 5 years we have been creating eco-friendly and ethical cosmetics. By choosing us, you are doing your part to change the climate crisis for the better.




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