We reveal the cards: what are toners in care for?

We reveal the cards: what are toners in care for?

In order for the care products you have chosen to be effective, it is important to correctly understand their purpose and be able to use them correctly. Therefore, today we will talk about one of our new products, which still raises many questions in you - TONERS.

As you know, facial care should consist of at least three stages: 

1. cleansing, 

2. toning

3. hydration. 

If everything is more or less clear with the first and third points, then many underestimate toning in vain. 

It is this stage that removes the remnants of impurities and cleansers, normalizes the level of acidity of the skin, provides it with deep hydration, has a calming effect, evens out tone, returns a fresher and healthier look.




Despite the consonance of names, these products are from different skin care systems and perform different functions. 

Tonic in the European system is the final stage of skin cleansing.

Its main task is to remove the remnants of cosmetics, cleansers and tone the skin. The texture of the tonic is liquid, like water, and it is applied with a cotton pad. 

Toner in the Asian system is the first step in moisturizing the skin after cleansing.

It helps to retain moisture in the epidermis, normalizes the PH level after cleansing, serves as a conductor before the subsequent application of serum and cream.

It is applied with hands, patting movements along the massage lines, without the use of cotton pads. Moreover, this must be done within three seconds after washing, on still slightly damp skin, in order to have time to seal the water molecules in the cells. 



SmoRodina toners are based on hydrolates , which in themselves perfectly moisturize, soothe the skin and saturate it with useful extracts of herbs and plants. 

Hyaluronic acid helps to attract water molecules from the environment and retain them in the skin cells, providing deep hydration. 

Complexes of actives by skin type along the way solve the problems of the epidermis and improve skin condition. 


MICROBIOME toner is suitable for all skin types and ages. Contains lysates of lacto-, bifido- and propionic acid bacteria , thanks to which it creates an optimal environment on the surface of the face for the development of a healthy microbiome. 

Result: with regular use, the skin microbiome is normalized, its protective properties are enhanced, the tone and relief of the face are evened out, the face looks healthier, hydrated, ruddy, and a beautiful inner radiance appears. 

ANTI-ACNE toner is suitable for problematic and oily skin. Contains zinc salt of pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid, pomegranate extract and aloe juice , which help to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, solve the problem with rashes, comedones and enlarged pores. 

Result: with regular use, the condition of the skin with acne improves, the natural protective hydro-lipid balance is restored, the pores are narrowed, the fat content of the face is reduced, the existing inflammations are dried and the appearance of new ones is prevented.



Toner "LIFTING" is suitable for mature skin with already visible age-related changes. Contains a safe plant analogue of retinol (Vitanol Bio), kakadu plum extract and kritmum extract , which effectively smooth wrinkles and have powerful antioxidant protection, preventing the aging process. 

Result: with regular use, the number and depth of wrinkles decreases, the oval of the face is tightened, age spots lighten, the skin becomes more even, elastic and radiant. 



Toner is the most important step in facial care. The texture is slightly thicker than water: something between a hydrosol and a serum. 

For deeper hydration, apply toner immediately after washing to still damp skin - to do this, you can lightly blot your face with a tissue or pre-sprinkle the skin with a hydrolat. 

Pour a little product into the palm of your hand and gently, with soft imprinting movements, distribute along the massage lines. No rinsing or removal of toner residue is required. We recommend applying it daily in the morning and evening after cleansing. 


Due to the presence of active ingredients, the toner can be used as an independent moisturizer, for example, in summer, when you don’t want dense textures, or applied as a makeup base. 

The increased concentration of nutrients actively moisturizes, restores, literally revitalizes and tones the skin from the inside. Ideally complements and enhances the subsequent stages of care. 

Nutrients are much easier to penetrate if the skin is properly prepared for their application. Moist and soft, it absorbs all the active components of serum and cream much more efficiently, which, of course, affects the condition of the face. 

Thus, the complex care system from SmoRodina, consisting of toner, serum and cream, with a high content of active ingredients of targeted action, solves skin problems much more effectively, provides balanced care and prolonged results:

The ANTI-ACNE series is taken with the imperfections of oily and problem skin 


The MICROBIOME series normalizes the microbiota on the surface of the face and returns the natural radiance to the skin of any type and age


The "LIFTING" series has a powerful rejuvenating and anti-aging effect.


Try it and see for yourself

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