Little new life: how to extend the life of cosmetic packaging

Little new life: how to extend the life of cosmetic packaging

Every product we consume costs the planet dearly. Our contribution to nature and ecology is not to buy too much, to recycle and reuse everything that can be given a second life.


Here are some cool examples:

An old t-shirt is a great source of cleaning rags;

- cereals are perfectly stored in large glass jars;

- small jars of baby puree are suitable for spices;

- tin containers will become reusable packaging for loose tea;

- it is convenient to plant greens on the window in plastic containers;

- yogurt cups are suitable for seedlings;

- old toothbrushes will help clean the soles of the shoes;

- before you send the dish sponge to the trash, you can wash the plumbing with it;

- even a neatly folded plastic bag in your purse will last a few more times.

If we talk about SmoRodina packaging, then all of it is recyclable: glass jars are sent to the glass container collection point; paper - into waste paper; separately assembled aluminum is sold for scrap metal. Reusing dispensers reduces the amount of unsorted waste.

Before you send cute jars to the factory, you can let them stay with you longer:

⠀- packaging from the cream will be a stylish solution for organizing the storage of art brushes, pens and colored pencils, makeup brushes or serve as a tube for stationery;

- scrub jars can be adapted to store cotton swabs, disks, sponges or jewelry. In the kitchen, you can pour leaf tea, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks into them;

- containers from bulk products are convenient for storing various spices and spices;

- a glass bottle with a hydrolate spray can be used for other liquid products if you don’t have the strength to look at the plastic.
new meaning and extending the life cycle of waste material has received the fashionable name of upcycling.

Any, even the most unnecessary thing, in skillful hands can become a household item, a work of art or a creative accessory!

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