How to deal with pigmentation

How to deal with pigmentation

Autumn is the best time to get acid. What else to pay attention to in care with a change of season, and today we are talking about the fight against pigmentation.

Forewarned - armed

The best way to combat pigmentation is to prevent it. To do this, we do not forget about SPF even with the departure of summer. Of course, you can take a lower protection factor, but you still need it. Moreover, with the advent of autumn, many people switch to acids (and they do it right), and such active care definitely requires additional protection. 



SmoRodina face cream with SPF15 is not felt on the skin, and you will not feel the product on your face. UV filter based on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide protects against harmful UVA / UVB radiation and blue light, prevents premature aging. You can easily apply makeup on top - you will not see the effect of a mask, no bleached areas, or rolling blush




You can also pay attention to products with a calming effect. Serum with azelaic acid will not only protect the skin from the appearance of age spots, but also help to slightly lighten those that already exist, and even out mild post-acne. Date extract works both as an antioxidant and as an antiseptic, which means that redness and a tendency to new ones will be noticeably less.


I'm following in the footsteps

If there are already age spots, they can be dealt with. We note right away that it is better to combine both beautician appointments and home care, but in this article we will focus on the second.

Our task is to find acids in the composition of products. For example, Bakuchiol. Pigmentation also works well with niacinamide and vitamin A, which is responsible for skin regeneration. And don't forget to add antioxidants to your routine.



Serum SmoRodina with niacinamide  is needed in order to restore the lipid barrier of the skin, which in turn protects against both ultraviolet radiation and moisture loss. In addition, niacinamide brightens age spots.

A lifting mask with grape extract will work as a powerful supportive home therapy. Alginates of algae and red grape seed extract tighten the skin, increase its elasticity, smooth wrinkles and lighten age spots and post-acne. The skin becomes visibly smoother after several applications, and one jar of the mask is designed for 8-10 treatments.


What to include in your morning routine

The products that we have named are recommended to be applied at night. The skin renews faster and more actively while you sleep, there is less risk of increased sensitivity to the sun. But in the morning, you can turn on antioxidant care.

For example, in the Radiance set for dry and tired skin, vitamin serum and moisturizer will be an excellent solution for basic morning care. The serum contains an antioxidant complex of broccoli and carrot oils and tonic coffee extract, while the moisturizer not only delivers ingredients to the skin, but also keeps them. 

Take care of yourself and your skin!

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