An eco-friendly rainbow in your bathroom

An eco-friendly rainbow in your bathroom

We are pleased to present  new products - an innovative line of solid products for the face, body and hair Solid Rainbow!


We are confident that solid products are the most environmentally friendly and convenient format for your favorite cosmetics! 

Liquid products are 70-80% water. They waste a huge amount of natural resources, and also leave a lot of waste (including plastic).

Solid products will help to significantly reduce the burden on nature without giving up the effectiveness and pleasant emotions of the usual care!

We developed this line with a lot of love and tried to create products that harmoniously combine premium quality, stylish, bright and cheerful design and incredible flavors in an even more sustainable format. 

The line includes: shampoos, conditioners, solid face wash, shower gel, and deodorant.

In order to make it easy to find the product on the shelf in the bathroom, we made all the products of different shapes and made letters on them corresponding to the names of the products: S - shampoo, C - conditioner, B - body shower gel, F - face cleanser, D - deodorant. 

Line features

- completely natural formulations, which, in terms of the quality of ingredients and effect, are not inferior to the usual format of liquid products

– delicious aromas from natural premium fragrances and compositions from essential oils 

- convenient and compact format of the bars - each of them is convenient to hold in your hand and take with you on trips 

– minimalistic and bright design that will literally paint your bathtub in all the colors of the rainbow 

– eco-friendly cardboard packaging without lamination, which can be handed over to a waste paper collection point or for recycling

In the line - the main must-have for care!

Solid hair shampoo Moisturizing, 590 R


Suitable for restoring all hair types, gently washes and conditions, provides deep cuticle hydration, nourishment, shine and stress protection, thanks to the active ingredients Cuticlex® (Cosmos approved), palmaria extract and nourishing argan and broccoli oils.

Solid hair conditioner Moisturizing, 690 R


Suitable for all hair types, including curly. Intensively restores the hair structure, provides deep cuticle hydration, nutrition, shine and protection from stress, thanks to the active ingredients Cuticlex® (Cosmos approved), palmaria extract and nourishing argan and broccoli oils.

Solid shampoo for hair Volume and recovery, 590 Р



Suitable for all hair types lacking volume and oily scalp. Gently rinses and conditions hair, restores length and, thanks to the sebum-regulating active ingredient SymControl® Scalp (Cosmos approved), makes hair more voluminous and reduces the intervals between hair washes.

Solid hair conditioner Recovery and nutrition, 690 Р



Conditioner for damaged, dyed and split ends regenerating, enriched with quinoa proteins, mango butter, almond oligopeptides. Provides intensive nutrition along the entire length, restores the structure, prevents brittleness, facilitates combing, seals split ends. Adds shine to hair and protects color.

Solid shower gel with prebiotics, 590 Р


Gently cleanses the skin of the body and restores the microbiome! Thanks to the mild surfactants in the composition and the prebiotic inulin, it helps to maintain the natural protective barrier of the skin in balance. Shea butter, mango and coconut oil nourish and soften the skin, making it smooth and silky. 

Aromatherapy, gentle cleansing and skin care in one bar!

Solid face wash with rice powder and prebiotics (universal), 790 Р

The cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Gently cleanses, removes makeup, restores the microbiome.

When lathered, it turns into a gentle cleansing milk! Thanks to rice powder and prebiotic inulin, it maintains the natural protective barrier of the skin, moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin.

Solid face wash with tea tree and zinc (for problematic skin), 790 Р




Tea Tree Zinc Cleanser is designed to cleanse problematic and oily skin, reduce the number of breakouts, soften the skin, normalize the balance of sebum production, and help maintain the natural lipid barrier.

Solid deodorant Natural and unisex, 790 Р


Effectively retains sweat odor thanks to the patented natural active ingredient CareMag D® based on Dead Sea salts (Cosmos approved). Research has shown that it reduces sweat odor by 42% within 24 hours of use. 


Provides long-lasting dryness, soothes irritated and sensitive skin.





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